Witteveen+Bos scores with the ProClass ABC Check

Witteveen+Bos scores with the ProClass ABC Check

ABC Check of technical documentation: automated process and ready within 1 day!

We support the Consultancy and Engeneering Agency # Witteveen + Bos with the ProClass ABC Check in the SO3 project #31132820 of #Rijkswaterstaat.

ABC Check of technical documentation:

A – “Actueel” – Actual: the latest and highest revision of the documents is demonstrable
B – “Betrouwbaar” – Reliable: the data on the technical documentation has been verified and validated
C – “Compleet” – Complete: the technical documentation is complete

ABC Check fully automated

The ABC Check of ProClass is an automated process with our ProDocs Engine.
The technical documentation undergoes the following steps:

  1. OCR: reading, converting and verifying data on documents
    This process is based on # OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technique, where all characters of technical documents and drawings are read, converted and verified by our #ProDocs Engine.
  2. Create PDF / A: all data readable
    The selected characters are placed in a hidden layer in the document and saved as PDF/A files.
  3. Metadata: documents traceable
    Subsequently, each document is indexed by reading the metadata fields and making them traceable.
  4. Verify and Validate: data 100% reliable
    By verifying and validating the data, it is checked again and reliability is guaranteed.
  5. Searching and finding: insight into (non) existing data
    All read out data is searchable and findable. With certainty it can now be determined whether these data are current, reliable and complete.


ABC Check of technical documentation is for us daily practice.

For more information about the process please check our product page: ABC Check