Reading out P&IDs for a prominent customer in Petro Chemicals

Reading out P&IDs for a prominent customer in Petro Chemicals

We work closely with companies in Petro Chemicals. Technical data is of great importance in this sector, where process safety plays a major role. Quick and easy access to the specific data is essential, without searching through hardcopy archives and/or various software systems.

For the Petro Chemical giant, ProClass is currently carrying out an interesting project: comparing all tag numbers appearing on P&IDs – of pipes, equipment, pumps, safeties and instruments – with the tag numbers occurring in SAP and Linelists. This process is completely automated. 

Our ProDocs Engine identifies all tag numbers on P&IDs. A tagnumber list is generated and compared with the Linelists and SAP. Similarities and differences are shown both graphically and in tabular form. The identified tag numbers can then be used for updating SAP and Linelists.

By this process you ensure that the data on the P&IDs is fully in line with the data in other systems and vice versa.

In the document below our fully automated process is explained step by step.

This customer has his P&IDs and systems up-to-date the coming month.
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