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Convert archive to useful data

A digital archive does not mean that documents are always easy to trace and that everyone knows how to retrieve these documents. Especially the way in which documents are classified, significantly determines the effectiveness of a document management system. Tracking changes and versions of documents in an unstructured digital archive is a difficult task, especially if those documents pile up steadily over the years. A hard copy archive increases the risk of information loss or incomplete documentation infinitely.


What is ProServices?

Using ProClass’ ProServices diminishes chaos and turns your hardcopy or digital archive into a well-ordered Document Management System. ProClass digitizes your existing hardcopy archive and organises your existing digital archive. In fact, the entire process of converting, scanning and classifying information is all part of our ProServices process. We improve the overall quality of file accessibility and import all the information into your own document management system or alternatively, we’ll ensure that all documents are neatly ordered inside ProDocs.

Advantages of a fully-fledged DMS

A Document Management System is essential for companies that need 24/7 access to the latest AS Built information. Version control, integration with other system sources and making documents accessible at every site location or work station, is the way forward for organisations to improve efficiency and to guarantee the safety of buildings, infrastructure or facilities. Using ProServices, you’ll make the first step towards a centralized, smart and efficient document management environment.

Who uses ProServices?

Companies responsible for the construction, maintenance or overall safety of buildings, technical installations and infrastructure, perform better using up-to-date information, using a system that generates documents which are retrievable at accessible at any work station or site location. Our ProServices are specifically designed for those companies that want to integrate or compile large volumes of technical documents into one comprehensive Document Management System (DMS).

Key Benefits of ProServices

  • Focus on safety – Improving the safety of buildings and installations, especially for infrastructure for which the As-Built status of technical documents is essential. Information can be retrieved quickly and different document versions will be easier to identify.
  • Efficiency improvement – By quickly and conveniently retrieving large amounts of data for a specific site, the process of searching for the proper and accurate information will be less time-consuming.
  • Quality improvement – 24/7 up-to-date documentation, making documents accessible and editable from any location guarantees the overall As-Built accuracy of information.

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