Take advantage of the new ProSearch+ in ProDocs!

Take advantage of the new ProSearch+ in ProDocs!

Thursday March 21 ProSearch+ is a fact. We are working hard to finalize the details. ProSearch+ is based on the new, powerful Search system, Google Cloud Search. The possibilities that this new system offers and can offer extra in the short term are valuable and promising. We will make full use of these developments, with which we will raise ProSearch+ to a higher level. You as a customer will benefit from this.

One of the advantages of ProSearch+ is that you no longer receive Word and Excel documents as a static PDF file, but as an editable Word and Excel file. All the functionalities of Word and Excel are then available to filter and select your information.


ProSearch based on Google Cloud Search, what does this mean?

To date, ProSearch works on the basis of the so-called yellow box, or the current GSA (Google Search Algorithm). ProSearch unlocks your information from all your thousands of documents using the Google algorithms. You will receive the found data and documents on your screen within tens of seconds.

Google Cloud Search is the latest development of Google in the Search field. An important aspect is the application of Machine Learning, which considerably improves the result of the search. In addition to improved performance, speed and reliability have also increased. Google Cloud Search offers many innovative options that we implement in our systems.

ProDocs benefits from these new developments, which will result in many additional applications such as iDrive, Word Cloud, photo metadata, interactions, history, etc.

We continue to develop and will explain this in the following messages. Keep following us!

Ps: Soon also available: BIM models with documentation linked in 3D.