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Nowadays, working from different work stations or site locations in technically oriented companies is more of a rule than an incident. Project teams are sometimes regrouped due to project demands and employees are increasingly working from different locations. Documents are edited and adjusted at several places at once. This means that each team member has access to information and can edit documents from their own work station and that the entire project team is aware of these modifications instantaneously. By using ProDocs, this entire process of document management is optimised regardless of team composition, work station or site location.

ProdocsWhat is ProDocs?

ProDocs turns your document management into a user-friendly dashboard which can always be accessed from anywhere using a web browser. ProDocs is a Document Management System (DMS) in which the importance of version control, classification and the accessibility of information such as drawings, certificates and procedures, is evident. Moreover, ProDocs facilitates extensive collaboration between parties because everyone has access to the same central document management system from their own work station. ProDocs can also be linked easily to your existing Document Management System.

ProDocs combines the automatic creation of searchable files with a clear classification system that can be adjusted and tweaked according to your own demands. All files are stored at a single location after which files can be retrieved on a tablet using our mobile app Docs2Go. The key qualities of ProDocs; project members don’t have to rely on their own accuracy to check a document version and each member is informed about the latest document changes automatically. ProDocs provides daily backups of all revisions; data will never be lost so that the overall process of document change can be tracked more efficient.

Who uses ProDocs?

Companies and organizations working on infrastructure, buildings and technical installations, benefit from a more efficient method of document management. ProDocs minimises the risk of outdated documentation, the system makes AS Built information accessible anytime and anywhere, thus ensuring the quality of document maintenance and document accuracy for the entire organisation.

Key benefits of ProDocs

  • Efficient Document Management from any location
  • Keeping technical documentation accurate and ordered independent of any team composition, work station or location
  • Improved cooperation due to real-time notifications
  • Automatic document classification and version control
  • Can be linked to your own Document Management System
  • Can be used on a tablet or smartphone using the Docs2Go app
  • ProDocs contributes to an environmentally friendly and paperless operating procedure

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