ProCADD – For Efficient CAD Docs Management.

Cost-effective CAD production

Together with our specialists in India, ProClass provides support for all your CAD production tasks. But ProCadd is more than just outsourcing CAD jobs. ProCadd is a full and remote CAD outsourcing service that includes the ability to classify all kinds of documents and store them in a single document management system.

Using our ProCadd services, you are able to outsource CAD production and directly integrate the generated drawings into a full-fledged Document Management System (DMS) in one single process, or add these documents to your own DMS. In this way, generating drawings and (AS Built) document management will be integrated seamlessly. You can always check the latest version and status of your technical documentation using ProDocs.



What is ProCadd?

ProClass helps you to enlarge your CAD production capabilities. Not by implementing the unilateral tunnel vision of acquiring CAD services at very low costs, but by using a professionally organised and well-trained Global CAD Center. Our remote operating CAD team has proven its efficiency for many years. We have access to many CAD platforms (Autocad, Microstation, StabiCAD, Nordined) and are able to mobilise corresponding specialists in various core disciplines such as:

  • Mechanical and Electrical engineering
  • HVAC-engineering (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
  • RAIL infrastructure

Who uses ProCadd?

Outsourcing CAD-related jobs can be the solution for technically oriented companies to operate more cost efficient. But often these organizations still spend quite some time and energy to manage the proper procedures for remote CAD-operators to work according to plan. Communication with these ‘outsourced CAD specialists’ is often poor. Improved efficiency, thought to be achieved by outsourcing CAD production, is neutralised by extensive communications and too much revision work. Eventually, these organisations face the inevitable choice: to reinvent the entire CAD outsourcing process or take advantage of an existing platform that has proven itself for a long time.

Key benefits of ProCadd

    • Clear and consistent responsibilities – One single contact for Document Management and Computer Aided Design (CAD) jobs.
    • All CAD jobs and accompanying documents processed by a single party – Generate the necessary drawings and link the information directly to your own document management system (or ProDocs) in one single workflow
    • As Built status of documentation guaranteed – Due to higher revision rates and direct linking of documents to the DMS, the As-Built status and therefore the overall accuracy of documents is guaranteed

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