Docs2Go 2020 For Accessing Documents 24/7

24/7 document access from any location

Modifying technical documents from different site locations has some great advantages. Recent modifications of buildings or modifications of installation infrastructure can be monitored more efficient if As-Built information is digitally mapped and registered directly. This not only increases the efficiency of the entire process of document management, but also improves the overall safety and security of infrastructure, buildings and installations. The match between what has been realised and what is described in documents can be checked on site immediately.

What is Docs2Go?

By using Docs2Go, you have access to your technical documentation on a tablet and smartphone from any location. With a single touch, all documents relevant to a specific site, can be accessed and modified. At each site location, only the latest version of a document is presented to the user and one does not have to execute a time-consuming search in a blurry and long list of digital documents. Docs2Go unlocks only those documents which are relevant for a specific site location or work station.

Who uses DocsGo?

Organisations depending on up-to-date technical documentation at an operational level spend too much time and resources looking for the proper documentation and easy storage of those technical documents. Also, information is not always stored in the same place and this could cause major problems in the near future. Company staff frequently visiting sites should be able to unlock, edit and store documents in a simple way, using only those documents specifically linked to a particular site location. By using Docs2Go, you’ll ensure that information represented by drawings, certificates and procedures, is modified directly on site and stored at a single location.

Key benefits of Docs2Go

  • Efficient document management independent from any team composition or site location
  • Combines the functionality of ProDocs with the mobility and user friendliness of a tablet or smartphone
  • Using Docs2Go makes on site modifications easier to accomplish and directly improves the accuracy and quality of As Built information
  • Docs2Go makes your technical documents accessible 24/7, wherever and whenever you want

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