General ProClass quality certifications

Since our founding in 2000, ProClass embraces various common Dutch and European quality standards. Meeting quality (management) standards is not merely a requirement to suit our clients, but also a way to improve our own business processes as efficient as possible. ProClass is ISO 9001 and VCA certified (juli 2018).

IT certificates and associated specialists

ProClass develops smart solutions for Document Management Systems and uses the ABBYY data capture engine to compare and verify documents based on their layout properties and by which metadata is automatically extracted. For software and database development, we use Oracle SQL, we have the necessary Oracle Developers with the proper training and know-how at our disposal. ProClass employs several specialists in distinctive CAD disciplines, employees with associated certifications and skills related to:

  • NordiNed
  • StabiCAD
  • Autocad
  • Microstation

The ProClass specialists are also very familiar with E-plan, a software solution for electrical engineering and design. In addition to CAD-related know-how, ProClass has acquired in recent years the necessary knowledge on various major and client-specific Document Management Systems such as ‘Life Link’ and other systems that make professional document management easier to implement. Usually, we learn the most from document management systems which have been used by our customers for many years.

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